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Dr. Bob Gibbons (main tour leader, and proprietor of Natural History Travel) has been described as ‘one of Britain’s best naturalists’. He has written about 40 books to date, on many aspects of natural history and photography, including several floras, an acclaimed field guide to dragonflies, several field guides to insects, a guide to the National Parks and wild places of Europe, guides to the wildlife sites of France, Greece, and many more. He took most of the photographs for the widely-publicised Flora Britannica project, worked with Plantlife on a book showing British flowers at their best (Flowers at my Feet, HarperCollins) and writes regular articles for British Wildlife magazine, and other publications. His most recent book on “the most flowery places in the world”, was published as Wildflower Wonders of the World, simultaneously in the UK and USA.

After working for many years in nature conservation, he is now a freelance author, photographer, lecturer, and a Visiting Fellow at Southampton University. He has led numerous tours to many European destinations, as well as to more exotic destinations such as the Himalayas, Costa Rica, Namibia, Equador, and the Galapagos.

He can be contacted directly for any queries about the tours - see contacts page

John Stobart & Imogen Davenport (Sardinia) work in nature conservation in Dorset. Both are excellent and enthusiastic all-round naturalists. John’s particular interests are mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and Imogen has a special interest in plants, and they are both closely involved with the conservation of bats.

Dr. Dick Hornby (any tour) is a highly accomplished naturalist and ecologist, with a wide range of interests. He divides his time between the UK and Abu Dhabi, working mainly as an ecological consultant, founder of Nautica Environmental Associates. Prior to this, he was a Deputy Regional Officer with the Nature Conservancy Council in southern England. He has co-led previous tours to Lesbos, Rhodes, Pyrenees, Dordogne, Gargano, the Alps, Namibia and Andalucia.

Peter Marren (any tour) iis a well-known writer and naturalist, author of numerous books on a wide range of subjects, notably the recent Bugs Britannica and and a highly-regarded book on Fungi, as well as regular contributions to the newspapers and magazines. His writing is both lyrical and humorous. He is an excellent all-round naturalist, with a good knowledge of european plants and wildlife.

Andy Byfield (Pontic Alps, Turkey) is a noted botanist, who lived in Turkey for ten years, adding over 30 plants new to the Turkish flora, including the diminutive Fritillaria byfieldii. While there, he coordinated two projects for Fauna and Flora International: the Turkish Bulb Propagation Project, which aimed to replace the unsustainable collection of wild flower bulbs with a trade based on artificial village production; and the Important Plant Areas of Turkey project, which identified 122 sites of exceptional botanical importance. Andy is a committed conservationist and a founder of Plantlife International. He currently works as their Landscape Conservation Manager.

Kate Clow (Pontic Alps, Turkey) has lived in Turkey for many years and speaks fluent Turkish. She has written guide books to two of Turkey’s long-distance footpaths, and a trekking guide to the Kaçkar Mountains (part of the Pontic Alps). She is currently working on ways to develop sustainable tourism in the Kaçkar. She is planning to eventually retire to a self-sufficient yayla in the mountains.

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